Humaniverse is home to the intellectual properties of Hollistic®.

About Humaniverse

Humaniverse serves as the umbrella site that houses all of Hollistic®'s corporate entities, including Hollistic® Co (*HC*), Hollistic® Group (*HG*), and Hollistic® Holdings (*HH*). Humaniverse thus holds and reflects all values of Hollistic®. Welcome to Humanity.

Our Purpose: Hollistic®’s purpose is to foster a world of greater humanity through commitment to education, the employment of humanistic policy and methodology, and the advancement of socially and environmentally conscious initiatives.

Mission Statement: Hollistic® works to serve diverse individual and organizational clients through the design of new educational methods that promote multi-dimensional learning and growth, the development of technology-based solutions for addressing humanitarian challenges, and the conscious use of capital in support of humanity-oriented projects.

Our Vision: Hollistic® aims to nurture and create a more humane world by helping realize human rights and the values of dignity, freedom, kindness, fairness, and truth, while also contributing to societal and environmental advancement for all.

Gorhav Kanal

Founder of Hollistic®

Gorhav Kanal founded Hollistic® in 2015 in his hometown, Mumbai, India.

As he grew more and more to understand the nuances of life through his work, explorations, and connections with other people, Gorhav says that there sparked in his heart a fire that was born out of witnessing events of sheer injustice. These experiences affected him deeply and made him want to alter his direction and choices in life and put everything into his understanding of self, people, and the world, eventually leading to the creation of Hollistic, with a broad vision of being unconditionally available to all people in order to help them grow and transform their lives. Gorhav's driving motive and the purpose behind his work through his creation of Hollistic is to help people understand, witness, and grow towards the magnificence and beauty that they truly are.

Prior to Hollistic, Gorhav founded and ran Kanal, Inc., a New York-based company that operated several technological platforms, including its principal e-commerce product and service arbitrage business, from 2005 to 2015. Gorhav is also a private investor in the global financial markets and the intellectual property space.

After over 5 years of exploratory personal development work, to jumpstart himself into the broader journey of learning about human development and the human mind, Gorhav designed his own program in Integrated Multi-Disciplinary Studies, with a specialization in Integrative Coaching Methodologies, from 2016 to 2018. The program was completed through a combination of online and in-person courses across the Asia-Pacific region, with Singapore serving as the base. The curriculum comprised of over a hundred modules from the fields of philosophy, psychology, spirituality, body-mind therapies, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), individual and organizational coaching, peace and conflict resolution, mediation and facilitation, among other mind- and life-oriented trainings. Much of the knowledge from these fields can be seen integrated into the coaching, consulting, and educational programs of Hollistic.

Gorhav is presently a graduate student at Harvard University's Graduate School of Education (Cambridge, MA, USA) and an Ed.M. 2024 candidate in Learning Design, Innovation, and Technology, with a focus in Humanistic Technology Design, and an external specialization in Humane Policymaking. He completed his undergraduate degree at Cornell University's College of Engineering (Ithaca, NY, USA) in 2002 with a B.S. in Computer Science, a focus in Artificial Intelligence, and an external specialization in Business Administration. Gorhav's academic and research interest resides at the intersection of the Education, Entrepreneurship, and Technology spheres, and is aimed at catalyzing his professional work in the development of humanity-oriented solutions for the world.